Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Today, Danielle organised for our group to have a sit down meeting with Duncan, the course leader from the BA (Hons) Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern design course. During the session, we presented our current concepts for the publication and discussed our current ideas regarding aesthetic decisions such as the visual theme and stock choices.

Leading up to the meeting the group have had a number of developmental sessions in which we generated and refined our ideas for the yearbook. Before progressing any further with the project we needed to have a preliminary meeting with Duncan to ascertain if our approach to the project fits as an adequate representation of the course and its third year students.    


Before attending the session I outline a series of aims for the meeting, all of which are listed below;

  • Review concepts with course leader.
    • Enables us to progress with project once completed.
    • Enables us to put together a proposal for Evolution so they can price up the cost of production. 
  • Organise dates for receiving content. 
  • Discuss the specifics and flexibility of content.


The image below displays a scanned version of my sketchbook that was taken to the meeting. The first series of points seen on the page acted as reminders for the aspects of our concept we wanted to discuss with Duncan. 

  • Cover image - should not be overly detailed. 
    • Abstract. 
    • Bright colours.
    • Simple design.
    • Nice graphics.
    • Shapes.
  • Uncoated stock - preferred. 
  • Rows of students consist of 4 & 6-8's.
  • Text provided for the copy can be shortened.
  • Day in the life - information can be generated by a few students.
  • Photography options.
    • Could take images ourselves - been done previously.
    • Could organise to receive images from students - also been previously done.
    • If images are organised we will need to specify scaling and dpi etc.
  • If we want to include a class photo organisation is key/
    • A good amount of time is needed before the photo to properly organise it.
  • Arts thread - Portfolio website.
    • Previously used to display student contact details.


After conversing with Duncan about the specifics of our concept we were able to conclude that he was happy with our proposed ideas for the yearbook. We moved on form discussing our concept by defining a set of dates to start getting the project moving towards completion. 

05/04/2015 - Students will be contacted with the details about the number and size of their project images before breaking up for easter.

05/04/2014 - Duncan is aiming to get the copy to us by the end of this week. 

24/04/2015 - A preliminary deadline for receiving the images will be set for the week. 

TBC - Inforgraphic focuses were sent to duncan today so information for the infographics will be collected over the next few weeks.

TBC - We also outlined a completion date for the project for around the start of May, as all members of the group ideally want to submit the project as part of the extended practice module. 

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